Paragliding in Billing

Baijnath, Himachal Pradesh

Bir Billing is a Paragliding destination in the heart of Himalaya’s near famous tourist destination Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh. Bir Billing Hosted Paragliding World cup in 2015. This was “First Paragliding World Cup of India.”This event happened in the month of October from 24th to 31st, 2015.” During world cup 150 top ranked paragliding pilots of all over the world participating along with 500 free flying pilots. This is a great opportunity for many local paragliding pilots to show their skills to world. Bir Billing provides the option of Paragliding, Trekking to Himachali tribal villages, Mountain Biking, Angling and Camping.

Bir lies around 70 km from Dharamshala and is close to many other amazing hill stations like Barot, Palampur, Mcleodganj, etc. It is a relatively lesser known location so it isn’t as commercialized yet. Here, you can enjoy a tour of the beautiful monasteries, watch mesmerizing sunsets, or trek to some beautiful but offbeat locations, the choice is yours. But the one thing which Bir Billing is most famous for is the Paragliding activity. Bir Billing is said to be one of the best Paragliding spots in Asia and second best in the World. So, it is only fair to be curious about it and wonder if it is actually worth all the hype. This is exactly why I decided to try paragliding in Bir Billing and honestly, I am quite happy with my decision.

In Tandem Flying, there is one pilot and one guest flying together. In this type of flying, the pilot will be handling the controls while the guest will just enjoy and take in the view. Tandem Paragliding is open to everyone as you don’t need to be trained it. A trained pilot will accompany you to manage the paraglider while you enjoy the flying. This is a good option for people who aren’t likely to get trained in Paragliding or aren’t sure if they would like to do it. A Tandem flight usually lasts anywhere between 10 – 25 minutes, depending on the climatic conditions and the wind direction. If the sky is clear and the air current is good then you can easily enjoy 20-25 minutes up in the air.

You can visit Bir Billing for camping during any season except monsoons. Bir Billing receives heavy rainfall during the months of July, August, and September, so you can avoid camping there during these months. For the most pleasant camping experience, the ideal time is from September to November and then from March to June.

Bir Billing (Palampur) and Solang valley are the prominent places to indulge in paragliding. Paragliding in Bir Billing is an experience worth remembering, as it passes through green tea plantations; further the view of the snow-capped mountains can simply make the tourist ecstatic. For an adventure lover, such an experience is the gateway to unlimited fun and excitement. Camping is an outdoor activity involving overnight stays away from home in a shelter, such as a tent, a caravan, or a motorhome. Generally participants leave developed areas to spend time outdoors in more natural ones in pursuit of activities providing them enjoyment.

The trek offer panoramic views Bhagsu village, Mcleodganj, Dharamsala valley and distant views of Shivalik hills and plains of Kangra valley. The trek is moderate nature. Triund is a large land of green grass and pasture like. One can see the mighty Dhauladhar ranges just above the eyes. This is the base camp and climatization point for trekkers climbing the Inderahara point in the Mt. Dhauladhar. Barot is a mesmerizingly beautiful village located in the serene valleys of Mandi District in the north Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It is a new found tourist destination and is located about 67 kilometers away from Mandi. If you are a backpacker, this destination is perfect to backpack through for a day or so. The scenic landscapes are captivating, and the unpolluted air draws travelers from across the world for sightseeing and much more. The location is famous for its numerous trekking trails passing through the village and hence is a preferred trekking destination too. Fishing in River Uhl: Fishing in the Uhl River is popular in Barot. A trout breeding center makes it a perfect place for angling and over 30 kilometres of the river is used for this purpose.

Rafting: Rafting in Himachal Gobind Sagar (Near Bilaspur), Chamera Lake (Near Dalhousie), Manali-Kullu (National Highway), Ravi (Near Chamba), Beas (Near Kullu), Chandrabhaga (Chenab) in Lahaul. The best white water rafting site is the 20 kilometres long stretch on the Beas River from Shamsi to Aut in Kullu district. During the summer and autumn season, people can enjoy the best of water sports activities in Himachal Pradesh. Snow and rain-fed rivers of Himachal Pradesh are so cold that it can chill the spines of adventurers. In Himachal Pradesh, water sports activities can be enjoyed in Sutlej, Chenab, Beas and Ravi River streams. Here, tourists can enjoy high-end rapids in these gushing rivers and rapid level is from IV to VI. Only chosen ones, who can pass the fitness test, are allowed to face the rapids in Himachal Pradesh. Palampur and Bir-Billing are twin tourist destinations. Mountain biking trails from Palampur to Bir-Billing passing through many villages, temples, monasteries and forest area’s. As you biking from Palampur to Bir-Billing, you can observe the change happening in the valley. Villages are developing very fast and most of them are self sustain. Some of the villages are still living in old traditional way of life.

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