Paragliding With Us {Tendam Ride}

The fun of indulging in adventure activities is truly indescribable. That mixed feeling of joy and fear is truly worth to be experienced. Different sorts of adventure games are there, and paragliding is one of them. Every human being cherish to fly like a bird, and to make your dream turned into reality you can try paragliding. This is a worldwide popular adventure gaming activity, which has gained popularity in India too. The ideal place for paragliding is hill areas, where earth’s landscape looks beautiful.

When it comes to paragliding, different types of flying experiences can be there for the interested individuals. We offer three basic flying experiences for the riders. They are:

• Short fly
• Medium fly
• Long fly

Short Flying

Short flying is recommended for those, who are experiencing paragliding for the first time in their lifetime. The first flight should be short and thrilling. Choose our short flying option, which comes with 10-15 minutes duration. You shall get all safety gears for flying, and you will be assisted by professional paragliding teachers or mentors. There is nothing to be feared, as short flying is worth trying for anyone. We commit to make it memorable for you.

Medium Flying

Medium flying is for those, who want to experience real time paragliding. It comes with 20-45 minutes duration, and throughout the time you shall be assisted by professional paragliding mentor. He will guide you perfectly. Medium flying is recommended for the adventure lovers, who love beating their fears.

Long Flying

If you are the ultimate adventure lover, and you are seeking the best paragliding adventure experience, long flight is suggested to you. You shall fly like a professional. You shall be given all advanced safety gears, insightful knowledge on physics of paragliding, etc. The flight will last for 45 minutes to 1 hour. You shall fly over the valleys and mountain peaks. This will be the most memorable experience of your life. Professional paragliding mentor will assist you through your flying. They are well trained to fly and land safely. They can also make emergency landing, if required.



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