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Man‘s quest for conquering skies has led to invention of airplanes. But, riding aero planes does not provide that extra adrenaline rush, unless you are riding it for the first time. To satisfy your quench for adventure activities, you can simply opt for paragliding. Paragliding is one of the popular forms of adventure sports, and it is gaining popularity in India too. Before taking part in any adventure activities, you need undergoing professional training. Proper training is important for your safety.
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Paragliding is not different on this aspect. You need to undergo paragliding training process to enjoy this adventure sport with complete safety. We offer professional paragliding training courses to the passionate adventure lovers and those who want to pursue career in this field. We train students with precision, ensuring catering them basic as well as advanced knowledge of paragliding. After end of the courses, they are provided certifications from our institutions. With our years of experiences in paragliding, we are poised with advanced safety gears, infrastructure and veteran trainers to offer the best training session to the students.

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